Oven Racks Project

The design and production of modular oven racks for semiconductor component testing.

A local semiconductor company needed to improve on the existing shelf-based system in their component testing ovens so I designed and fabricated a modular replacement system utilizing sliding trays that would integrate seamlessly with the oven's existing hardware and mounting points.

The original oven setup with mounted shelves. The customer was looking for a setup with better usability that included sliding drawers as well as an integrated backplane system on each drawer for the easy installment of test PCBs.

A basic 3-D model of the proposed drawer design showing a mounted PCB and backplane interface. The structural component of the drawer is made from formed, stainless steel sheet metal in an effort to provide strength without dramatically increasing the overall thermal mass of the elements within the oven and also serves to maximize the amount of air flow around the components to be tested. The mounting system integrates with the rail mounts already in place in the oven and requires no special hardware.

Basic model showing the drawers installed in the oven. The drawers ride on stainless, ball-bearing rails and allow easy access to the PCB connections.

Fully assembled drawer with mounted PCB and backplane.

Completed racks installed in the oven.